Our Services

Bulk Fueling
We are a trusted petroleum distributor specializing in fuel services, fuel products, Oils and Lubricants .

We have specialized in the following products;-

  • PMS – Premium Motor Spirit – (Petrol)
  • AGO – Automotive Gas Oil (Diesel)
  • IK- Industrial Kerosene (Paraffin)
  • Oils and Lubricants

Bulk fuel Transportation

Due to the good and friendly business relation with our transporters, We do offer bulk Supplies and deliveries of fuel for our customers as we have often delivered bulk fuel to our customers within Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan and Eastern Congo. We always leverage in our contracted transporting company with trucks from 6 wheeler and above to meet every customer delivery needs and ever advancing customer’s fuel haulage supply within a very competitive market yet with always ethos focused on a customer. We have been also able to expand our services in various capacities to accommodate and satisfy the different sizes of deliveries (small to large quantities to forecourts and depots) in both easy and hard-to-reach locations as fast as desired by our customers.

Bulk Fuel Storage Systems: Storing your fuel on-site has never been easier or safer.

We can help you select the tank that’s right for you, and we will install and fill the system with our quality fuels. We offer both tank rental and sales of tanks 500 gallons and larger.