About us

ESPAL Energy Group is an independent Limited Company, which is focused and committed towards  developing and sustaining a strong portfolio of diverse resource through distributing and supply standard petroleum products, oils and lubricants. We have always partnered with similar minded businesses (those that are petroleum focused),  community organizations and strategic investors  among others purposely to strengthen and sustain products and service delivery within the east African region and beyond.

Our establishment was premised on a strong base of entrepreneurial spirit of its founders after identification of a strategic business gap in the petroleum storage distribution market as well as the current challenges then that the industry faced. There was and still exist shortfalls in the number of local –owned petroleum and gas distribution entities in the market. Thus, within this short period in the business, ESPAL has successfully established and maintains healthy business relationships with customers (large and small) in East Africa and beyond. Thus, ESPAL has often worked and positioned itself as a leader in the distribution of petroleum products and lubricants in the East African region. In the region, we have strategically centered our business operations in the major towns yet maintaining a good relation with our transporters that deliver products to our customers’ destinations in the remotest and hard to reach communities. In terms of approach, we also leverage and combine both technological and environmentally-friendly innovations and the effective use of technology to often meet the ever advancing global and country specific growing demand for energy.

Vision :

To become the preferred brand to customers and all our business partners by providing quality petroleum products and services with convenience and efficiency.

Mission: To create unprecedented value for our clients, shareholders and employees.


  • To be a close knit business, creating value for its shareholders, clients and employees through growth and optimization.
  • To deliver fast, reliable and high quality fuels that meet the highest standards and customer needs and preference in the East African region and beyond.
  • To strengthen our long term partnership with all our stakeholders with particular attention to safety and environment and to become a preeminent bulk fuel suppliers in East African region and beyond.

Core Values:

Espal is founded on values, which have shaped its culture all the way to its success. Integrity, respect for others, professionalism and excellence among other principles that underpin Espal’s operations. With Espal’s slogan, “once with us, always with us”, emphasizes the fundamental principles of a managemental philosophy based on freedom of initiative and individual accountability.

Legal Status:

We have a petroleum business license that permits us to carry out export and wholesale of petroleum products (except LPG) from Energy & Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA). Our license number is: EPRA/PET/77918. Thus, we are fully and legally operating under full authority of Energy & Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) and in accordance with the Petroleum Act, 2019.